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【导语】宝剑锋从磨砺出,梅花香自苦寒来。坚持备考的人生,很积极,很宝贵,很励志。冲吧,努力吧!以下为整理的“2019翻译资格考试英语笔译词汇:国家及校级奖项、称号”,欢迎阅读参考!更多相关讯息请关注! 国家奖学金 national scholarship国家励志奖学金 national encouragement scholarship三好学生 merit student学习优秀生 model student of academic records先进个人 advanced individual/outstanding student优秀工作者 excellent staff优秀学生干部 excellent student cadre优秀共青团员 excellent league member优秀毕业生 outstanding graduates优秀志愿者 outstanding volunteer先进班集体 advanced class优秀团干 outstanding league cadres学生协会优秀干部 outstanding cadres of student association学生协会工作优秀个人 outstanding individual of student association精神文明先进个人 spiritual advanced individual社会工作先进个人 advanced individual of social work文体活动先进个人 advanced individual of cultural and sports activities道德风尚奖 ethic award精神文明奖 high morality prize组织奖 prize for the best organization突出贡献奖 prize for the outstanding contribution工作创新奖 prize for the creative working团队建设奖 prize for the team contribution


【导语】没有被折磨的觉悟,就没有向前冲的资格。既然选择了,就算跪着也要走下去。其实有时候我们还没做就被我们自己吓退了,想要往前走,就不要考虑太多,去做就行了。整理了“2019上半年翻译资格考试初级英语笔译词汇:信息技术”,欢迎阅读参考!更多相关讯息请关注! accelerated aging test 加速老化试验acceleration lag 加速滞后acceptance test 验收试验access control list (acl) 访问控制列表access flap 接口盖accessory apparatus 辅助设备access time 存取时间account policies 账号封锁accumulator charge 记账策略accumulator railcar 蓄电池充电accuracy of measurement 电瓶机动车accuracy of reading 测量准确度acidproof 耐酸的acoustic material 吸音材料acoustic signal 音响信号activated substance 激活物质active component 有效部分active load 有效负载administrator account 管理员账号analog computer 模拟计算机ascent/descent stage 上升/下降段batch processing 成批处理binary code 二进制码binary digit 二进制位,二进制数字border gateway 边界网关broadband access 宽频接达buffer storage 缓冲存储器call instruction 呼叫指令card reader 读卡机circuit switched data 电路关键所在数据code division multiple access (cdma) 码多分址combustion analyzer 压力传感器command line 命令行command module 指令舱commercial online service 商业联机服务com port 串行接口computer-aided design (cad) 计算机辅助设计control unit 控制器cyber citizenetizen 网民cyber city 网络城市cyber crime 网络犯罪data processing 数据处理default route 缺省路由denial of service 拒绝服务dictionary attack 字典式攻击digital business 数字化商业digital control 数字控制digital divide 数字鸿沟directional antenna 定向天线directory replication 目录复制domain name application and registration 申请注册域名earthing transformer 接地变压器elastic collision/control/deformation/scattering 弹性碰撞/控制/变形/散射electric apparatus 电气装置electric control 电力控制emergency oxygen apparatus 应急供氧装置fixed-line penetration 固定电话普及率gaseous pollutant 蒸发排放物gene pool 基因库gene recombination 基因重组genetic code 遗传密码genetic map 遗传图gene transfer 基因转移geostationary/synchronous satellite 地球同步卫星global positioning system (gps) 全球定位系统gprs: general packet radio service 通用分组无线业务global system for mobile communications (gsm) 全球移动通信系统hacking attacks 黑客攻击headset amplifier 头载式放大器hematopoietic stem cell 造血干细胞high-contrast 高对比度highly-sophisticated technology 高尖端技术human artificial chromosome (hac) 人工染色体human genome project 人类基因组计划incumbent operator 主导运营商internet penetration 互联网普及率landing pad 着陆架launch pad 发射台lcd: liquid crystal display 液晶显示life support system 生命维持系统lm-maneuvering rocket 登月舱机动火箭local area network 局域网local network 市内电话网long-distance network 长途电话网long-run incremental cost 长期增量成本lunar module 登月舱management information system 管理信息系统millennium bug 千年虫multipurpose card 多功能卡multistage rocket 多级火箭musical instrument digital interface (midi) 乐器数字接口nozzle of the main engine 主发动机喷嘴nuclear reactor 核反应堆optical communication 光通讯packaging service 套餐服务page view 访问量patent application 专利申请pharmaceutical biotechnology 药物生物技术private circuit 专用线路screen saver 屏幕保护service module 服务舱sim: subscriber identity module 客户身份识别卡site manager 站点管理员smart school 智能学校sms: short message service 短信服务software development 软件服务space sickness 太空病specification of patent 专利说明书spectrum management 频谱管理state scientific and technological innovation system 国家科技创新体系super-streamlined train 高级流线型列车trunk network 中继局电话网ultrasonic rail detector 超音波钢轨探测器universal service 普遍服务virtual space 虚拟空间voice prompt 语音提示wireless application protocol (wap) 无线应用协议(即时手机具有上网功能)wireless local area networks (wlans) 无线局域网zero gravity 零重力when a material is subjected to a tensile or compressive load of sufficient magnitude, it will deform at first elastically and then plastically.当材料受到一定大小的拉伸载荷或压缩载荷时,它首先发生弹性变形,然后发生塑性变形。the next decade will see almost a reinvention of television… not through improved programs, but through the melding of tv, the computer and the telephone into something almost entirely new.今后十年中将出现几乎是电视的再发明······并不是通过改进电视节目,而是通过把电视、电脑和电话融为一体,成为一种几乎全新的东西。according to a growing body of evidence, the chemicals that make up many plastics may migrate out of the materials and into foods and fluids, ending up in your body.越来越多的证据表明,许多塑料制品的化学成分会转移到食物或液体里去,并最终进入人体内。in the development of the physical sciences, we observed a rapid increase in scientific achievements after man began basing his conclusions upon experimental facts instead of upon inference.我们注意到,在自然科学的发展过程中,自从人类开始把自己的结论建立在实验数据上、而不是建立在推理基础上以来,科技成果增长迅猛。robots are designed to just move and work by information put into their computers by humans.机器人只会按照预先设定在计算机内的指令移动和工作。the 20th century will not be remembered as the era when space was conquered, or the power of the atom, harnessed, but that in which were made the first machines having intelligence.将来人们回忆起20世纪的时候,不会把它看成是征服了太空和利用了原子动力的世纪,而是看成制造了首批智能机器的世纪。the fruit is a great source of sugar that can be readily distilled into alcohol to power cars and farm machinery.水果中含有大量糖份,糖可直接用于提炼酒精,从而为汽车和农用机械提供动力。production of biofuels has been targeted by western governments as a way to bolster renewable energy targets.西方国家瞄准制造生物燃料,以此促进可再生能源的发展。when a wire is broken by bending it back and forth rapidly, some of the work is transformed into heat and the wire gets hot.把导线快速地来回弯曲折断时,部分功能转换成热,所以导线变热。a piece of metal left in the sun rises in temperature until it loses heat at the same rate while it absorbs heat.一片放在阳光下的金属,其温度要上升到它吸收热量和失去热量的速率相等时才停止。the law of conservation and transformation of energy is the chief basis of physical, astronomical and chemical reasoning as well as of engineering practice.能量守恒笔能量转换定律不仅是工程实践的主要基础,而且也是物理、天文以及化学等方面的主要基础。applied science is directly concerned with the application of the working laws of pure science to the practical affairs of life, and to increasing man’s control over his environment, thus leading to the development of new techniques, processes and machines.应用科学直接涉及应用问题。它研究的是如何将纯科学的工作定律应用于实际生活、应用于加强人类对其周围环境的控制,从而导致新技术、新工艺和新机器的产生。electronic computers, which have many advantages, cannot carry out creative work and replace man.尽管电子计算机有许多优点,但是它们不能进行创造性工作,也不能取代人。new technologies, including biotechnology, have enormous potential to improve crop yields in developing countries while using fewer pesticides and less water.包括生物技术在内的新科技能为发展中国家提高农业产量、减少杀虫剂使用以及节约水资源提供巨大潜力。


【导语】有时候,你必须一个人走,这不是孤独,而是选择。我们时时刻刻都在选择,你选择过什么样的生活就需要付出什么样的代价。整理了“2019上半年翻译资格考试初级英语笔译词汇:航空科技”,欢迎阅读参考!更多相关讯息请关注! 播客 video blog on the internet首航 maiden voyage网恋 online love affair遥感 remote sensing导航栏 navigation bar智能卡 smart card信息港 info port月球车 lunar rover背投屏幕 rear projection screen边缘科学 boundary science电信业务 the telecommunication sector感知技术 perceptive technology观测装置 stereo camera光纤通信 optical fiber communication火炬计划 torch program机器语言 machine language基因工程 genetic/gene engineering技术产权 technology property rights技术更新 technological upgrading尖端技术 state –of-the-art technology科技含量 scientific and technological content可视图文 visual pictures and literature克隆技术 cloning technology空间探测 space exploration蓝牙技术 bluetooth technology立体农业 stereo farming模拟技术 analog technology偏离轨道 veer off course气象卫星 meteorological satellite前瞻技术 foresight technology清晰影像 a full high-resolution picture燃料电池 fuel cell人机交互 human-computer interaction认证授权 certificate authority实时处理 real-time processing试管婴儿 test-tube baby手动搜索 manual search数字机遇 digital opportunities双星计划 double star program通信卫星 communication satellite同步卫星 geostationary satellite网格计算 grid computing网络课堂 online class网络数据 network database网络诈骗 cyber fraud网上冲浪 surf the internet网上购物 online shopping网上聊天 online chatting网上通信 online navigation卫星导航 satellite navigation无人飞船 unmanned spaceship无土栽培 soilless cultivation无性繁殖 asexual reproduction新能源观 new thinking on energy development信息高地 information highland移动计算 mobile computing载人航天 manned space flight自主计算 autonomic computing字符识别 character recognition网络综合症 net synthesis国际空间站 international space station技工贸结合 integrate scientific and technological development with industrial and trade development蛋白质工程 protein engineering模拟计算机 analog computer数字化战场 digitize the battlefield数字显示器 digital display硬盘驱动器 hard-disk drive无线寻呼网 radio paging network转基因动物 genetically modified animal (gma)转基因食品 genetically modified food (gmf)智能终端机 intelligent terminal产品科技含量 technological element of a product大容量高速率 high-capacity and high-speed电子商务认证 e-business certification多任务小卫星 small multi-mission satellite (smms)国防关键技术 defense critical technology基础传输网络 basic transmission network技术合作活动 technological cooperation process高温超导电缆 high-tc superconducting cable空间物理探测 space physics exploration交互信息网络 interactive information network科教兴国战略 the strategy of revitalizing china through science and education太阳能电池板 solar panel数字图像处理 digital image processing密钥加密技术 key encryption technology网上交易平台 online trading platform消除数字鸿沟 bridge the digital divide信息基础设施 information infrastructure虚拟现实技术 virtual reality technology月球探测卫星 lunar probe推广科技成果 turn laboratory achievements into commercial/mass production无线电导航设备 radio navigation device先进的安全技术 leading-edge security technologies新兴高科技产业 new high-tech industries国家重点实验室 national key laboratory加快信息化进程 accelerate the informationization process宽带高速信息网 high-speed broadband information networks重组dna技术 recombinant dna technology全球电子商业框架 a framework for global e-commerce信息的选择性传播 selective dissemination of information信息社会协调发展 coordinated development of information society信息通讯管制体系 infocom regulation system改善社会信息服务 render better information services to society空间环境探测系统 space environment detector system知识创新工程试点 pilot knowledge innovation project科学技术教育与培训 s&t education and training前沿性、交叉性研究 pioneering and interdisciplinary research以信息化带动工业化 industrialization through informationization月球的重力场和环境 gravity field and environment of the moon有机(生化)纳米材料 organic nanomaterial中国已成功地发射了第一颗实验通讯卫星。它标志着我国在发展运载工具和电子技术方面进入了一个新阶段。the successful launching of china’s first experimental communication satellite indicates that our nation has entered a new stage in the development of carrier rockets and electronics.我们确信纳米技术一旦成功,将地成为的科学成就之一,完全改变我们生活的方方面面。we are sure that if nanotechnology is realized, it might be one of our greatest scientific achievements, completely changing the way we live.中国将前瞻部署生物、纳米、量子调控、信息网络、气候变化、航天、海洋等领域基础研究和前沿技术研究。china will make farsighted arrangements for basic research and research in cutting-edge technologies in the fields of biology, nano-science, quantum control, information networks, climate change, aerospace and oceanography.自然科学方面,我们比较落后,特别要努力向外国学习。但是也要有批判地学,不可盲目地学。in the natural sciences we are rather backward, and here we should make a special effort to learn from other countries. but we must learn critically, not blindly.能不能把科学技术搞上去,这是一个关系到社会主义建设全局,关系到我们国家命运与前途的大问题。whether science and technology can be pushed forward is a question of vital importance for our socialist construction and for the destiny and future of our country.最近二三十年来,世界的科学技术发展日新月异,专业化的分工更细,协作的规模更大。in the last 20 or 30 years, science and technology in the world have advanced with each passing by, resulting in a more minute division of labor on the basis of specialization and in more extensive cooperation.复杂的计算我们可以用计算机进行,它能迅速地求出准确的答案。in complicated calculations we can use a computer, because it quickly gives us an exact solution.为了实现城市长远发展的战略目标,市政府氢科技放在首要位置,以提高科技水平,加强经济力量。to fulfill the long-range strategic goal in the development of the city, the municipal government puts science and technology in the first place to raise the scientific and technological level and strengthen the economic strength.“科博会”将继续坚持促进高新技术的商品化、产业化和国际化的主旨。the hi-tech expo will continue to uphold the keynote – promoting the commercialization, industrialization and globalization of hi-tech products.短信服务是用于通过数字蜂窝式网络系统发送和接收文字短信的一种协议。short-message service is a protocol for sending and receiving text messaging over digital cellular networks.多媒体信息服务是为电话信息系统设立的一种标准,它允许发送包含多媒体对象(图像、声频、视频和丰富多彩的文本)的信息。multimedia messaging service is a standard for telephone messaging systems that allows sending messages that include multimedia objects (images, audio, video, and rich text.)这个科学团体的宗旨是促进科学发展,维护科学事业。this academic society aims at promoting scientific development and upholding the cause of science.人才断层会阻碍科学技术的发展。the shortage of qualified personnel will hinder scientific and technological development.商界、科学家和农民都希望转基因的技术能够培育出更多具有价格优势,而且是现今的培育技术无法培育的动植物。businesspeople, scientists, and farmers hope that transgenic techniques will help cultivate more cost-effective plants and animals that are not available with the use of current breeding technology.随着科学的进步,克隆人的诞生或许只是一个时间问题。with scientific advances, maybe the birth of a human clone is merely a question of time.我们要围绕建设创新型国家,认真落实国家中长期科学和技术发展规划纲要提出的目标任务。we will strive to make china an innovative country. we must work diligently to attain the goals and fulfill the tasks set forth in the outline of the national program for long- and medium-termscientific and technological development.科学家正在努力工作来加速改善人工智能的步伐,使计算机为人类做更多的工作。scientist are working hard to quicken the improvement of artificial intelligence so that computers can do even more for human beings.尽管电子计算机有许多优点中,但是它们不能进行创造性的工作,也不能代替人。although electronic computers have many advantages, they cannot carry out creative work and replace man.人才是科技进步和经济社会发展最重要的资源。the competent personnel are the most important resources for both scientific and technological progress and economic and social development.


【导语】信念和斗志宜聚,懈怠和悲观宜散;我们的斗志因信念而燃起,不懈怠、不悲观,落实每一个知识点。不懈怠并持之以恒的学习,定会有所收获。以下为“翻译资格考试中级英语笔译词汇:成语”,欢迎阅读参考!更多相关讯息请关注! 如鱼得水 feel just like fish in water临阵磨枪 sharpen one’s spear only before going into battle狐假虎威 the fox borrows the tiger’s terror猫哭老鼠 the cat weeps over the mouse对牛弹琴 play the harp to a bull雨后春笋 like bamboo shoots after a spring shower一寸光阴一寸金 an inch of time is an inch of gold谋事在人、成事在天 man proposes, god dispose胸有成竹 have a well-thought-out plan before doing something手忙脚乱 in a frantic rush立竿见影 get instant results噤若寒蝉 keep quiet明火执仗 do evil things openly牵肠挂肚 be full of anxiety and worry快马加鞭 speed up藕断丝连 have not cut off relations completely五光十色 multicolored归心似箭 be very anxious to return home鸡毛蒜皮 trifling开门见山 come straight to the point狗急跳墙 do something desperate黔驴技穷 at one’s wits end单枪匹马 all by oneself生龙活虎 bursting with energy顺手牵羊 walk off with something守株待兔 trust to chance and stroke of luck肉中刺 a thorn in the flesh混水摸鱼 fish in troubled water趁热打铁 strike while the iron is hot眼见为实 seeing is believing隔墙有耳 walls have ears自投罗网 throw oneself into the trap嗤之以鼻 turn up one’s nose at一触即发 touch and go空中楼阁 castles in the air充耳不闻 turn a deaf ear to熟能生巧 practice makes perfect事实胜于雄辩 facts speak louder than words笑掉大牙 laugh off one’s head乱七八糟 at sixes and sevens东张西望 look right and left抛砖引玉 to throw a sprat to catch a herring缘木求鱼 seek a hare in hen’s nest挥金如土 to spend money like water胆小如鼠 as timid as a hare瓮中之鳖 like a rat in a hole无风不起浪 there is no smoke without fire挂羊头卖狗肉 cry up wine and sell vinegar有志者事竟成where there is a will there is a way新官上任三把火 new brooms sweep clean偷鸡不着蚀把米 go for wool and come back shorn己所不欲,勿施于人 do as you would be done by以眼还眼 an eye for an eye君子协定 a gentleman’s agreement武装到牙齿 armed to the teeth东施效颦 dongshi imitating xishi班门弄斧 show off your proficiency with an axe before the master carpenter望梅止渴,画饼充饥 fantasy and illusion獐头鼠目 young and old衣冠楚楚 handsome and homely褴褛破烂 smart and shabby洗心革面,脱胎换骨 turn over a new leaf货色齐全 品种多样 任君挑选 have a good assortment of goods to choose them爱屋及乌 love me,love my dog避坑落井 dodge a pit only to fall into a well新官上任三把火 a new broom sweeps clean江山易改,本性难移 a leopard cannot change its spots沉鱼落雁,闭月羞花 the girl’s beauty would put the flowers to shame覆水难收 spilt water cannot be gathered孤掌难鸣 you can’t clap with one hand忠言逆耳 truth hurts逐鹿为马 talk black into white涸泽而渔 ruin the source of supply换汤不换药 old wine in new bottles