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describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you didn't know.

you should say

- who the person was

- where the conversation took place

- what you talked about

- and explain why you found the conversation interesting.


i’m going to talk about an interesting conversation that i had a couple of weeks ago in a music shop. i was walking along one of the main shopping streets in the city centre, when a large window displaying all sorts of musical instruments caught my eye. out of curiosity, i decided to go in and have a look around.

the person i ended up speaking to was a shop assistant on the second floor, in the area of the shop dedicated to acoustic guitars. i hadn’t intended to speak to anyone, but the assistant approached me in a friendly way and asked whether i had any questions.

i explained to the assistant that i hadn’t played the guitar for years, but that i wondered what the differences were between the various acoustic guitars on show. he talked to me about the different makes and models, whether they were factory or hand made, the woods and varnishes used, the variation in sound quality, and of course the price range.

i found the conversation fascinating because the shop assistant was so knowledgeable. it was obvious that he had a passion for the guitar, and he didn’t mind talking to me even though i had made it clear that i didn’t intend to buy anything. he even picked up and played three or four of the instruments to demonstrate the differences in their sound.




aubergine, eggplant 茄子

bean 菜豆

beet, beetroot 甜菜

pepper 胡椒

pimiento 甜椒

potato 马铃薯

carrot 胡萝卜

cauliflower 菜花,花椰菜

pumpkin 西葫芦

broad bean 蚕豆

cabbage 圆白菜,卷心菜

chilli 辣椒

garlic 蒜

chive 葱

fennel 茴香

cos lettuce 莴苣

marrow 嫩葫芦

melon 香瓜,甜瓜

mushroom, celery 芹菜

onion 韭

leek 韭菜

radish 萝卜

tarragon 狭叶青蒿


claret 波尔多红葡萄酒

cider 苹果酒

champagne 香槟酒

cocktail 鸡尾酒

liqueur 白酒,烧酒

shaohsing wine 绍兴酒

yellow wine 黄酒

kaoliang spirit 高粱酒

wu chia pee 五加皮

vodka 伏特加

whisky 威士忌

brandy 白兰地

cognac 法国白兰地

gin 琴酒

gin flzz 杜松子酒

martini 马提尼酒


title 片名

original version 原著

dialogue 对白

subtitles, subtitling 字幕

cartoon (film) 卡通片,动画片

footage 影片长度

full-length film, feature film 长片

short(film) 短片

colour film 彩色片 (美作:color film)

silent film 默片,无声片

dubbed film 配音复制的影片,译制片

silent cinema, silent films 无声电影

sound motion picture, talkie 有声电影 猜你喜欢: 1.雅思口语拿高分的必备词汇 2.雅思口语的高频词汇有哪些 3.雅思口语考试常用词汇整理 4.雅思口语考试拿高分的小技巧




light snow shower=小阵雪



rain shower=阵雨

sunny / wind=晴时有风

sunny day=晴天


thunder in the vicinity=周围有雷雨


t-storms early=早有持续雷雨

t-storms late=晚有持续雷雨

light drizzle=微雨

light rain=小雨

light rain shower=小阵雨

light rain shower and windy=小阵雨带风

light rain with thunder=小雨有雷声

light snow=小雪


toilet paper holder 卫生纸架

toilet cover 恭桶盖

toilet seat 恭桶座圈

tank 水箱

bathroom cabinet 卫生间镜箱

hand towel 毛巾

towel rack/rail 毛巾架

wash basin 面盆

faucet/tap 水龙头

shaver outlet, shaver point 剃须刀插座

bathtub 浴缸

bath towel 浴巾

shower 淋浴喷头

shower curtain 浴盆帘

soap dish 浴皂盒


herring roes 鲱鱼子

boiled cod roes 鳕鱼子

oyster 牡蛎

mussel 蚌、黑色、椭圆形、没壳的即为淡菜

crab 螃蟹

prawn 虾

crab stick 蟹肉条

peeled prawns 虾仁

king prawns 大虾

winkles 田螺

whelks tops 小螺肉

shrimps 小虾米

cockles 小贝肉

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describe a famous person that you admire

the famous person i'd like to describe is fu mingxia. she was a gold medallist at sydney olympic games. in fact, she won four of them. she won them in the diving competition. she's now a student at tsinghua university. so she's quite clever and she will graduate from a top university. she's about 25 years old. i think she must be blessed by god to be able to dive so perfectly. after all, most divers have trained in diving schools that are very sophisticated, but her training was not so privileged. she just worked hard and had a very committed coach.

i think i admire her so much because i can imagine how nervous she felt having the whole world watching her and yet she controlled that nervousness masterfully to make a perfect dive. well, its that ability to control yourself that i'd really love to learn. also, her diving style was unique and very-brave, and because of her innovative style, she has brought pride to her country.

i think that people can learn that by being the best at something you are not only helping yourself

but the whole country, because high quality is what improves our lives. i think people can learn that nothing is impossible if we set our minds to being the best. we shouldn't always think we can just do what we must to get by. our goals should be much more ambitious. we should try to be the best because we can take pride from the value of hard work in everything we do.


describe a person who has a good sense of humor

ok, i've been asked to describe a person with a good sense of humour, and the person i've chosen is my classmate zhang hui. zhang. hui is a boy from henan. he comes from kaifeng. he majors in economics and well, i guess you can say that economics is not the most interesting subject, especially when the teachers start drawing graphics on the blackboard. zhang hui just seems to know how to make a joke out of it all. he has this funny face, which just adds to his humour.

i'll give you an example of how sharp his wit is. the instructor was talking about the relationship of supply and demand, and was looking for examples. so zhang hui stuck up his hand and said his mother is an example. he said the more money he spends on university, the better grades she demands. after he said that, everyone laughed so hard the professor had to wait for five minutes before he could continue.

i guess the way this person affects me is that he teaches me that there is nothing very serious in life. he puts me at ease and he reminds me that we are all human. i don't get overstressed when i spend time with him because he knows how to make a joke out of everything.

雅思口语范文:a tv drama series you’ve watched

okay, i’d like to share with you a tv series i’ve been watching these days called 13 reasons why.

it’s like, em, last month, i got instantly intrigued(吸引) by a recommendation from a famous blogger(博主), saying this show was rated 8.8 out of 10on imdb(打分高达8.8. *imdb类似美国豆瓣). then, for the past month, i quickly finished the whole season(季), 13 episodes(集). actually, this tv drama is basedon a best-selling book(畅销书), depicting(刻画) a story after teenager clayjensen found a mysterious box with his name on. inside he discovered a group of cassette tapes recorded by hannah baker-his classmate who tragically committed suicide(自杀) several weeks earlier. on these tapes,hannah unfolded(展开/呈现) an emotional audio diary(有声日记), detailing the thirteenreasons why she decided to end her life.

i guess the reason why i quite enjoy this teen series (青少年电视剧) is, to my surprise, it made me think a lot about life, about how our different behaviors may cause negative effects to others we interact with. seeing hannah suffering from confusion and desperation(迷茫和绝望) the whole time, i really hope someone like her classmates or parents could give her a helping hand(帮助她). sadly, nobody read her mind(了解她的心思) successfully and chose to leave her alone when she said so. i know somehow it’s also hannah herself who pushed away those who wanted to be close to her.

anyway, i have to say committing suicide is a super reckless decision(轻率的决定). just like one guy inthe show said: suicide is for the weak. instead of hiding or ignoring the problem, the better way to deal with depression is to go get help from others, telling them directly what you’re really experiencing.

hopefully, this show could give us some insights(给我们一些启示) into cracking many of the problems(解决问题) that high schoolers(高中生) are facing, like suicide, school bullying(校园霸凌), drug abuse(毒品), and etc.

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